Zimbabwe Technical Assistance, Training and Education Center (Zim-TTECH) is the recipient of a new five-year PEPFAR award- Strengthening Epidemiology and Strategic Information grant through the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The award officially begins on 30th September 2022

The award will be implemented through the “Impilo” Electronic Health Record (EHR)/CBS program. The program aims to build the Ministry of Health and Child Care’s (MOHCC) capacity at the national, provincial, and district levels to collect key strategic information (SI) required to measure progress towards achieving epidemic control and generate a strong evidence base for informed program decision-making in Zimbabwe.

Zim-TTECH envisions universal access to safe, client-centered, and high-quality healthcare for all people while working to improve the health and well-being for all through the provision of technical assistance and direct service to the health sector, as well as strengthening healthcare worker skills to support the sustainability of health systems.